Kane & Ashley

Family-run since 1979, and publicly launched in 1985, the international house of Kane & Ashley and all of its independent sister brands initially immersed themselves
into the intricate world of creating high-quality timepieces before expanding to include luxurious products created with world-class materials, the latest technologies,
and inventive creativity to suit discerning individuals.

In 2001, Kane & Ashley shifted its head office to Kuwait in order to cater to Gulf-based enthusiasts interested in its niche products,
as well as take advantage of its geographic location in order to liaise between the watchmaking factories in Switzerland and other markets in the Far East.

timepieces are for the exceptional, those who enjoy the finest refinement in every aspect of their lives.

Each one-of-a-kind piece within this collection is crafted to perfection, featuring the best in Swiss timekeeping, luxe genuine leather, and dazzling stainless steel.